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LomoChrome Purple | Pétillant Edition | 35mm Film

LomoChrome Purple | Pétillant Edition | 35mm Film

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Amazing quality pictures with a psychedelic twist!

Experience the magic of LomoChrome colour negative films with Psychedelic Purple 35mm film. This film's unique chemical formula creates a mesmerising blend of earthy reds, crisp plums, and velvety violet hues, making your images stand out in a sea of ordinary photos.


  • Achieve extraordinary effects with no filter required, and add a unique touch to your photographs
  • Enjoy an extended ISO range from 100 to 400 for extra experimentation, giving you more creative freedom in a variety of lighting situations
  • Unmistakable aesthetic with fine grain structure, which adds texture and detail to your images for a truly artistic feel explore the colour spectrum in a whole new way.
  • Ideal for capturing eye-popping portraits and luscious landscapes with vibrant colours and stunning detail, providing exceptional results every time.

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