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Kodak Colorplus 200 | 36 | 35mm Film

Kodak Colorplus 200 | 36 | 35mm Film

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Kodak ColorPlus 35mm Film: Quality and Reliable for Daytime Shooting

Kodak ColorPlus 200 film is a versatile and reliable option for photographers who value rich colours, fine grain, and high image sharpness. With a sensitivity of ISO 200, it offers excellent results particularly in bright lighting conditions.

You can shoot 36 exposures with this roll.

Perfect for portraits, travelling and nature photography.

Kodak ColorPlus' Key Benefits:

  • Fine grain structure preserves image details and sharpness, making it suitable for enlargements
  • Produces crisp and clear images with precise and accurate colour rendition
  • Balanced colour saturation enhances the vibrancy and realism of your shots
  • Exceptional results in bright lighting conditions
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