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Ilford Delta 3200 | 35 | 35mm Film

Ilford Delta 3200 | 35 | 35mm Film

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The fastest 35mm Black and White 35mm film in the world!

This panchromatic film is the perfect choice for taking photos in low light conditions or when shooting fast action. It is particularly suitable for taking pictures in dimly lit locations where flash photography is not suitable. It is also excellent in situations where neither very fast, high-aperture lenses nor lenses with an image stabiliser can be used.

The Delta line is Ilford's flagship film line. Core-Shell™ crystal technology gives a fine grain with maximum sensitivity. Of course at 3200ISO it is more grainy than lower speed films. But you can still get a clean 18x24cm print out of the film.

usable exposure index range: from EI 400/27° to 6400/39°.

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