Rebadged Photographic Film

There are very few factories still producing film, for this reason, a lot of the different brands of film you see on the shelves are actually the exact same film, just in a different brand's packaging. Below, we've compiled a list of which films are the same, so you know what you are buying.

It's important to remember that while these 'rebranded' films may be made from the same base film, they often have a unique feature. This includes having no remjet layer, a unique film size, adjusted colours etc...

The following are manufacturers who still produce their own film, Kodak, Orwo, Fomapan, Ilford, Fujifilm Japan, Agfa (Belgium)

Kodak Gold 200 = Lomography 100, Fuji 200 (made in the USA)

Kodak Ultramax 400 = Lomography 400, Fuji 400 (Made in the USA)

Kodak 800 (Fun Saver Disposable) = Lomography 800

Kodak vision 3 50d = Cinestill 50D, Silbersalz 35 50d

Kodak vision 3 250d = Cinestill 400D, Dubblefilm Treat, Silbersalz 35 250d, Ilford ilfocolor 400

Kodak vision 3 200t = Silbersalz 35 200t

Kodak vision 3 500t = Cinestill 800T, Dubblefilm Cinema, Amber 800, Silbersalz 35 500t

Kodak double-x = Cinestill BWxx

Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460 = Santa Color 100

Kentmere 100 = Agfa APX100, Rollei RPX100, Oriental 100

Kentmere 400 = Agfa APX400, Rollei RPX400, Oriental 400

Fomapan 100 = Arista EDU 100, Lomography Earl grey, Kosmofot mono 100

Fomapan 200 = Arista EDU 200

Fomapan 400 = Arista EDU 400, Lomography Lady grey, Kosmofoto agent shadow, "ribsy" classic ez 400, Holga 400, Dubblefilm Daily B&W

Orwo N75 = Lomography Berlin 400

Orwo UN54 = Lomography Potsdam 100

Orwo DN21 = Lomography Babylon Kino

Orwo DP31 = Lomography Fantome Kino

Fuji c200 = Agfa vista plus 200

Fuji superia 400 = Agfa vista plus 400

Agfa Aviphot Pan 80 = Rollei retro 80s, Rollei RPX 25, Adox HR-50, Adox scala-50

Agfa Aviphot Pan 200 = Rollei Superpan 200, Rollei Retro 400s, Rollei Infrared 400, Silberra Pan 160 / Ultima 160, Silberra Pan 100 / Ultima 100, CatLabs 320 Pro and JCH Street Pan

Agfa XT320 = Orwo Wolfen NC500

If you would like to discuss these films or know of any more films that are rebranded versions of another film, please let us know in the comments below


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