Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SPII

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SPII Review

I recently picked up one of these in a charity shop for the measly price of €25, and I don't think I'll ever be selling it. It is fairly beaten up cosmetically, but it works like a dream. It really is true when they say these cameras are bulletproof
There are many types of Pentax Spotmatic, but this is my favourite of them all. Unlike the earlier Spotmatic it has a hotshoe, meaning you can attach a flash.
  • Type: 35mm SLR Film Camera 
  • Origin: Japan
  • Introduced: 1971
  • Stopped Production: 1976
  • Focusing: Manual
  • Battery: 4LR44
  • ISO: 20 - 3200 (Manual)
  • shutter Speeds: B, 1 - 1/1000s
  • Lens Mount: M42
  • Weight: 590g
  • Dimensions: 143 x 93 x 88mm (with standard lens)


I've been shooting this with a standard SMC takumar 50mm f1.8 lens with this camera and I've been delighted with the results. 
Photo with Pentax spotmatic sp2 w/ Takumar SMC 50mm f1.8
In terms of ease of use, it's a very back-to-basics camera. It's fully manual, so it may take a few rolls to fully get to grips with it, but that's nothing that watching a few youtube videos can't solve.
I gifted one of these to a friend with no photography experience, and after a roll or two, he got the hang of the camera and had some amazing results. The camera may seem confusing or even daunting at first for beginners but if you wait and stick to it you will achieve fantastic results.
One benefit of this camera is that it is practically indestructible. My camera appeared to have remained untouched for years, the insides were dusty and crumbling, yet after a quick clean it worked just as well as the day it left the factory. Not bad for a 50-year-old camera, eh
This camera also has an incredible amount of lenses. While I have been shooting with the m42 Pentax SMC lenses, I have also been shooting with the helios 44m-2 which gives an incredible swirly bokeh in the background and can be picked up for only €30-45 in good condition
Photo with Pentax Spotmatic SP2 and Helios 44m-2
Overall, this is one of my favourite 35mm film cameras that I own and while it may be a challenge to use at the start for a beginner, it will pay off and you'll have a camera that will last you a lifetime.
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