New Lomography Film: LomoChrome Color '92

Lomography Announces 400 ISO LomoChrome Color ’92

Product photo for new Lomography film

Lomography have announced a new colour film! It is called Lomochrome Color '92 and will be released in 35mm, 120, and 110 Format.

Lomography has been around now for 30 years and have been a key component especially in the resurgence of film camera with their unique "imperfect" look, which distinguishes their film photography products from the digital world. They have released numerous "experimental" cameras and films over the past number of years and Lomochrome '92 is their latest addition in their colour negative line, joining popular films like Metropolis, Turquoise and Purple.

Lomochrome '92 is currently a "limited edition" run of film which is being handcrafted in small batches by Lomography themselves. Due to the handcrafted nature of the film, no two productions will be the same but Lomography promise to continue delivering and experimenting with future film productions to achieve the best results. We have seen with Lomography's other experimental films that they are incredibly experienced with re-packaging 35mm film so quality is not a concern.

With an ISO of 400, Lomochrome '92 is a very versatile film which can be used in almost any lighting conditions.  As we have seen with many other of their films, there is a large latititude when it comes to pushing and pulling their filmsc41

To describe the look Lomography describe Lomochrome '92 as:

“Its dynamic color palette consisting of fascinating blues, vibrant reds and clean yellows adds incomparable energy to your imagery. For portraits, you’ll love how this film renders accurate skin tones with delicate pastel undertones.

This versatile film stock offers a range of effects that will take your photos to the next level. On sunny days, the colors pop with electric energy, while in direct sunlight, they soften to a soft and mesmerizing tone. At dusk, your shots take on a subtle painting-like appearance, and at nightfall, they become captivatingly cinematic."

But in my opinion you need to look at a few images produced by the film to be able to judge it, so below are some sample images kindly supplied by Lomography


Lomography Lomochrome '92 sample of woman at sunrise on the beach


Lomochrome '92 sample image showing a double exposure of a basketball court and clouds wiht beautiful blues kindly supplied by Lomography


 Lomography Lomochrome '92 sample of a double exposure showing its wide dynamic range

     Lomochrome '92 sample image showing a red car vibrant against yellow clean lines in a carpark kindly supplied by Lomography



Lomochrome '92 sample image showing a man and woman hugging by the lake kindly supplied by Lomography


Lomography Lomochrome '92 sample of playroom showing yellows and reds


While we haven"t yet had the chance to stock Lomochrome '92, we are delighted to see a new 35mm film being produced, and we are looking forward to getting our hands on some very soon! Don’t forget to share your work posted online with Lomography and the community using the tag #heylomography!

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