How To Load Film Into Your 35mm Camera

  • Open the back door of the camera,
  • Place the film into the back of the camera
  • Pull the film leader (the little bit of film that sticks out the slot in the film canister) across to the opposite side of the camera
  • Put the film leader into the film spool. Often on compacts and modern cameras you don't even need to put it In the spool, you only have to line it up with a sticker. 
  • With the back still open, advance the film 1 frame. (If your camera advances film electronically, this step is not necessary)
  • Close the back door of the camera
  • Take 1 or 2 photos until the film counter on the top of your camera lines up with the number 0
  • You're ready to take photographs! 
  • Once the film is in your camera it's wound up in the camera as you take photographs. Remember, when you have film in the camera, never open the back, your photos will be ruined!
  • Once you have reached the maximum amount of exposures (photographs), either the camera will wind it back into the same 35mm canister automatically, or on  some cameras you wind it back yourself.
  • You can wind the film back yourself by pressing the film rewind button on the bottom of the camera, and then use the winder to wind back your film.
  • You will normally need to wind your film back around either the 24 photo mark or the 36 photo mark.

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